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FedUp PAC Grassroots Conservative 2024
Election Poll Project

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FedUp PAC will be asking grassroots conservatives to participate in a series of polls on politics and public policy leading up to the 2024 elections.


As you and other concerned Americans help make grassroots conservative views known on the important issues facing America, FedUp PAC will, funding permitted and when results are in sufficient quantities, forward the results of these polls to the 2024 GOP presidential candidates, post on our website, and send to some 5,000 national conservative leaders, and select national media outlets.

(Background):  Some Trump Derangement Syndrome Democrats, including many in the media, are posturing and whining that, if he is elected President in 2024, Donald Trump will throw them in jail as political “revenge” for how they participated in persecutions against him and his allies.

Ironically, Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, was just convicted for three felonies on federal gun crimes.  He is also scheduled in September for another criminal trial on federal tax evasion charges.  However, these crimes only scratch the surface of the corrupt and illegal activities of the Biden crime family and the Democrat-supporting Deep State including “pay-to-play” of foreign governments to gain access to Biden and the federal government for enormous family profit, weaponization of the DOJ, FBI and CIA, cover-up of the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop to interfere with the 2020 elections, illegal handing of classified government documents, and much, much more.

Today’s Question: To date, there has been no justice for so many of these Democrat and Deep State criminal activities which affect the American people and even our national security.  Do you think President Trump’s making it one of his Justice Department’s priorities after he wins the 2024 election to pursue full accountability for all of those responsible for these criminal activities over the past eight years is needed to uphold the rule of law, and is not “revenge” as the whining Democrats claim?


American Target is HIRING two positions. 

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Building a 5,000,000 strong army of conservative activists (our Conservative Paul Revere (CPR) Riders) to educate 150,000,000 voters using new and alternative media to bypass Big Media and Big Tech to keep the U.S. House, take back the U.S. Senate, and win back the White House in 2024.

Fed-up PAC

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On How to Defeat the

Democrats in 2024

Conservatives Must be Bold Leaders to Help Save America

A Democrats' donors and donations dog conservatives - - @washtimesoped

How Conservatives Can Help Put Trump Back in the White House and Have a BIG Win in 2024

A ConservativeHQ Article by

FedUp PAC Chairman

Richard A. Viguerie

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If you are a subscriber to The Washington Times, here is the article that went live this week: Click here to read

Educate voters that the Democrats want to:

  • Jail President Trump

  • Bankrupt the Trump Family

  • Rig the 2024 elections, and

  • Come for you next!

Forward this voter education pocket card to family, friends,

neighbors, and others.


Sign the Statement of Outrage over the Democrats’ goal to “RIG” the 2024 elections.

   If the Democrats “RIG” the 2024 elections and gain total control of Congress, they’ll ban your gas-power car, raid your retirement account, and much more.

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Trump Travels To DC To Meet With Congressional Republicans, Speak With Nation’s Top Business Executives / Biden And Trump Agree To 2 Presidential Debates, With First Set For June 27 On CNN / Watch: US President Joe Biden ‘Freezes” At Fundraiser, Obama Leads Him Off Stage / Republicans Back Stopgap Spending Bill Into 2025 In Anticipation Of GOP Wins

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In Case You Missed the Latest FBI Scandal:

The FBI and 'Radical' Catholics (

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How to Grow Conservative Nonprofits



Dear Conservative Leader/Activist,

My heritage is Cajun—ask a Cajun chef how to prepare any Cajun dish, and he or she will start with the same sentence, “Well, first you make a roux (a sauce).”  My advice before starting any important project is, “Well, first you start with what I call Newt’s Four-Part Plan.”

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Hot Topic Article

Democrats want to JAIL and SILENCE Trump today - YOU are next!


Among the many challenges conservatives must overcome in the 2024 elections is election fraud, illegalities, and irregularities that continue to plague us.


We are now witnessing the disbarment persecution of constitutional law professor John Eastman, who represented President Donald Trump in efforts to ensure the 2020 election results were lawful.


The left wants to whitewash the many election irregularities, including constitutional illegalities of state election officials changing how ballots were printed, disseminated, collected, and counted.


Professor Eastman faces California Bar proceedings to strip him of his law license for doing what lawyers are supposed to do – use the law and facts to get the best results for their clients.


For an excellent summary of the first week of his Kafkaesque Bar trial, we recommend this from Rachel Alexander at The Arizona Sun Times:


First Week of Disbarment Trial of Trump Attorney John Eastman by Judge Who Contributes to Democrats Concludes


Blurb:  Mark Fitzgibbons, a First Amendment attorney, said he was skeptical about the merits of the trial. “‘They’ want him punished not for any Bar violation, but for articulating credible legal bases of election fraud, illegalities, and irregularities, hence the reason to question the legitimacy of the Biden presidency,” he tweeted. ‘They’ want to whitewash reality.” The Arizona Sun Times reached out to Fitzgibbons for further comment and he responded, “They want to intimidate lawyers so they don’t work for MAGA or conservative candidates and causes.”


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Forward to family, friends, neighbors, and others.
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