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Kamala Harris wants the demonstrations in your neighborhoods to continue

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Building a Paul Revere type army of 1,000,000 conservative volunteers using print and electronic material produced by FedUp PAC that bypasses the biased media to educate their family, friends, neighbors and others... that the New Democrats are Mean, Evil, Violent Anti-God, Elitist Socialists/Marxists.

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1. Sample e-note to your Jewish American Voter Family & Friends 2. Sample e-note to your Catholic Voter Family & Friends

Help educate voters: Help educate voters:  Download for free FedUp PAC voter education action materials to help educate family, friends, neighbors, and others that the New Democrats are anti-God, violent, elitist socialists/Marxists.

e-Report #1

 Democrats to Catholics – Catholics Not Welcome

e-Report #2
 Democrat Policies are Life-Threatening to Seniors

e-Report #3
 Charter Schools/School Choice – Winning Issue for GOP to Gain More African American Voters

e-Report #4
 Americans Not Safe Under Democrat Rule

e-Report #5
 The New Democrats are Anti-Israel

e-Report #6
 The Hyde Amendment – If Repealed You’ll pay to kill Babies

e-Report #7
 President Trump Fights for Jewish Americans

e-Report #8
•  – Biden/Harris Support Violence

e-Report #9
 Democrats are Anti-Police

e-Report #10
•  – Radical Democrats Control DNC

e-Report #11

 Seniors face health care rationing under Democrat rule if they win in November

e-Report #12

 Democrats ban together to deny pro-life Catholics seeking top government jobs

e-Report #13

 – It's the Ballgame, America - handy pocket-size pamphlet on how the New Democrats want to turn America into a one-party socialist dictatorship (two sizes available)

e-Report #14

 – Full size pamphlet - folds to pocket size

e-Report #15

•  – The New Democrats Want YOU to pay for Abortion

e-Report #16

 – What’s Coming if the Democrats Win in November

e-Report #17
 – Joe Biden – The Leader of a Socialist/Marxist Party

e-Report #18
 – Catholic Voter Alert

e-Report #19
 SENIORS! The New Democrat’s MEDICARE-FOR-ALL is Life Threatening

e-Report #20

•  – The Real Kamala Harris

e-Report #23

 – Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests Declare Democrat Party as Dangerous and Anti-Catholic​


e-mails  to  help  re-elect
       President  Trump

Just . . . copy / cut-and-paste / rewrite  >> Send

Ready-to-send email samples you can use to send to family, friends, neighbors, and others right now that urge they put aside any personal objections they have for President Trump and vote to re-elect him.

You can use these e-mail samples (all, bits and pieces, or personalize if you wish) to help convince your family and friends who are Catholic, Jewish, seniors, (many more) or just undecided that President Trump is their true champion on issues of concern to them and should be re-elected.

These e-mails are crafted to address the concerns that several key voting blocs have and why President Trump is the right choice for President despite his personal style and rough and tough rhetoric.

The idea is to provide sample e-mail notes for conservatives to use and forward to everyone in their circle of influence and urge they do the same and so on.  This has the potential to reach tens of millions of voters quickly and at a very low cost.

See sample Ready-to-Send e-mails  HERE


  • Married Suburban Women - betrayed by Democrat on Law & Order issue

  • Civil Unrest

  • Amy Coney Barrett

  • Religious Liberty

  • Joe Biden


  • Violence - Democrats use violence and riots to defund the police and gain power over voters

Sign the Amy Coney Barrett  PETITION urging the U.S. Senate to quickly confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and to put an end to the religious bigotry of religious “Litmus Tests” for top government jobs.

Show your support for Amy Coney Barrett

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About Richard A. Viguerie . . .

Richard Viguerie transformed American politics in the 1960s and 70s by pioneering the use of direct mail fundraising in the political and ideological spheres, which allowed conservatives to go around the liberal media blockage right into people’s homes.

He used direct mail marketing/fundraising to help build the conservative movement, which then elected Ronald Reagan as the first conservative president of the modern era.

When you sign up as a Volunteer Conservative Paul Revere (CPR) Rider, you’ll get Viguerie’s take on:

• Why 2020 is the whole ball game for
• Why Joe Biden is dangerous for

• Why the New Democrats don’t want
   Catholics in top government jobs.
• Why the New Democrats really want

   open borders (AND MUCH MORE

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To:         My Fellow Americans

From:     Richard A. Viguerie

             Chairman, FedUpPAC.org

Re:        Where are America's Leaders?

             Is it you? 

Date:     July 2020


Are you acting like it?

If the Democrats win this year's Presidential election and the Congress, they will quickly turn America into a one-party socialist dictatorship.



Richard A. Viguerie
Providing educational materials to grassroots conservatives to BRAND the New Democrats as against the views, values, and interests of:

• Evangelicals   • Catholics   • Church going African-Americans   • Seniors    • Hispanics

    • All Americans    • Suburban Married Women   

• Jewish Vote    • Millennials

“He [Viguerie] is the catalyst that allowed conservatism to reach the pinnacles that it has over these past many years.  He was on the ground floor with YAF, with Reagan, with Goldwater.”

 - Berry Goldwater, Jr., Former Congressman

“He [Viguerie] is one of the genuine pioneers of modern American politics.  He really invented the use of direct mail by Republicans and by conservatives.”

 - Newt Gingrich, Former House Speaker


Join our team of 1,000,000 conservative volunteer
“Paul Revere Riders”  helping to spread the word
that the New Democrats are Mean, Evil, Violent Anti-God, Elitist Marxists.
When you sign up to be a volunteer Conservative
Paul Revere (CPR) Rider
There’s no obligation – it’s free

FedUp PAC’s unique targeted marketing strategy BRANDS the New Democrats as dangerous the values, views, and interests of key voting groups.  Watch our video on the Democrats Anti-Catholic bias to see how.

BRANDING the New Democrats - as Mean, Evil, Violent, Anti-God, Elitist Marxists.

The New Democrats Want to Defund the Police!

Click below to watch the video 


Watch our videos by clicking below, they show how you can increase President Trump’s vote to help re-elect him in November.

Cardinal Dolan – “Democrats Slam the Door on Catholics”  

FedUp PAC's Unique Marketing Strategy Unlike All Others to help Re-elect Trump

The New Democrats have Abandoned Israel

The New Democrats Want YOU to pay for Abortions! 

Kamala Harris Wants Demonstrations in Your Neighborhood to Continue

The New Democrats want to Defund the Police

FedUp PAC has been out front on the effort to BRAND the Democrats as soft on border security as a means to gain 

millions of new Democrat voters to help them gain and keep power in America for generations to come.


Our pocket BRANDING Cards fit in a coat pocket or ladies’ purse and are a handy reference guide for countering the Left’s lies and dangerous policies.

FedUp PAC White Papers detail and document how the New Democrats are dangerous, unhinged, elitist socialists.

Other tools and materials that will be available to pass along to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and fellow church goers include:

• Videos that tell the truth about the New Democrats’ agenda.
• Mini books on the issues of interest to key voting groups.
• Postal letters with documentation and details on the New Democrats’ goals.
• E-mail campaigns with talking points to help counter liberal arguments.
• Social media posts that bypass the bias mainstream media with the truth.
• Reports on Joe Biden’s true socialist nature and positions

African American Moms Hand Republican Candidate a Big Win Over School-Choice Issue

According to a CNN exit poll, 18% of the roughly 650,000 black women who voted in Florida’s 2018 Governor’s race chose Republican Ron DeSantis over Democrat Andrew Guillum because they favored DeSantis’ pro-school choice position.

Gillum favored more funding for public schools teachers and felt that charter schools were
sucking the life out of public education in Florida. Gillum vowed not to expand charter
schools, putting that finding back into public schools.


A New Book Project: BRANDING the Democrats as: Mean & Evil – FedUp PAC is excited to announce a new book project, currently in the draft stage, about how the New Democrats have become the “Mean” and “Evil” party.   You can take an active role today in helping to get this book out into the hands of the voting population.    (READ MORE)

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