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Paul Revere Tool Kit

Help educate voters by taking a leadership role in bypassing the Big Tech and Big Media by creating an army of Conservative volunteers to help make Democrats toxic to voters by BRANDING them as anti-police, open borders, anti-Americans, violent, elitist socialist/Marxists.

See below for detailed e-reports on topics like the Hyde Amendment, the Democrats Medicare for all scheme, School choice, and many more.

Pocket BRANDING Cards

e-Report #1

 Democrats to Catholics – Catholics Not Welcome

e-Report #6
 The Hyde Amendment – If Repealed You’ll pay to            kill Babies

e-Report #13

 – It's the Ballgame, America - handy pocket-size               pamphlet on how the New Democrats want to turn         America into a one-party socialist dictatorship                 (two sizes available)

e-Report #23

 – Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests Declare               Democrat Party as Dangerous and Anti-Catholic​


•  – DHS Secretary Mayorkas has to go!

Click here to see archive of E-reports and E-notes


Here are some sample e-Notes you can send to family, friends, neighbors, old school friends, even your LinkedIn networks, and others to educate them about the anti-God, violent, open borders, anti-safety Democrats.

Just . . .

copy/cut-and-paste/rewrite  >> Send

Ready-to-send email samples you can use to send to family, friends, neighbors, and others right now to educate and mobilize them against the New Democrats.

1. Sample e-note to Jewish American Family & Friends:  PDF   WORD

2. Sample e-note to Young American voters:  PDF   WORD

3. Sample e-note to Latin American Family & FriendsPDF   WORD

4. Sample e-note to Undecided Family & Friends:  PDF   WORD

5. Sample e-note to Suburban Women voters:  PDF   WORD


Forward our help BRAND Mean, Evil, Violent, Anti-God, Anti-Police, Open Borders, Anti-American Elitist Socialist/Marxists

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