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Help educate voters:  Download, forward FedUp PAC run-off materials to get them to your family, friends, neighbors, and others to educate and inform them that the New Democrat Georgia Senate candidates are anti-God, violent, elitist socialists/Marxists.

These videos were used to great effect in 2020 and 2022. With your financial help today, along with other conservative activists, we will be able to update these for 2024.

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The New Democrats want you to pay for abortions

You can get your child into a better school with your vote

FedUp PAC's Unique Marketing Strategy Unlike All Others to help Re-elect Trump

The New Democrats want to Defund the Police

Kamala Harris Wants Demonstrations in Your Neighborhood to Continue

Democrats: Burn, America, Burn!
How Mob rule is destroying America

In Biden's America all Americans will be personally forced to pay for abortions.

You have the power to put your child in a better school by your vote

Cardinal Dolan – “Democrats Slam the Door on Catholics”  

The New Democrats Want YOU to pay for Abortions! 

The New Democrats have Abandoned Israel


Defund the Police
How policies that defund the police  endanger communities

The Abortion Industry is Counting on You
Most American do not want their tax dollars to pay for abortion

Join our team of 1,000,000 conservative volunteer “Paul Revere Riders”  helping to spread the word that the New Democrats are Mean, Evil, Violent, Elitist, Socialist, Dictators.
When you sign up to be a volunteer Conservative Paul Revere (CPR) Rider
There’s no obligation – it’s free
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