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Catholics (Democrats are Anti-Catholic)
Joe Biden (Dangerous for America)
Macro Issues (Democrats are the Party of Mean & Evil)
Seniors (Democrats are Life-Threatening to Seniors)

Call to Action

Conservative Paul Revere (CPR) Riders – To recruit, mobilize, and
   empower 1,000,000+ conservatives to politically wake up Americans by
   distributing FedUp PAC election educational materials that BRAND
   the New Democrats as dangerous, anti-God, open borders, violent, anti-
   safety, elitist Marxists.

Catholic Paul Revere (CPR) Riders – To recruit, mobilize, and empower
   250,000+ conservative Catholics to politically wake up their fellow
   Catholics by distributing FedUp PAC  election educational
   materials that BRAND the New Democrats as anti-God, pro-abortion,
   and anti-Catholic, elitist Marxists.


• Mean, Evil & Violent – This book proves the New Democrat Party is run by
   and for dangerous, violent, elite, radical socialists.  Download your free
   copy here:


Why conservative organizations are not growing
A plan to win on the local, county & state levels
It’s the Ballgame, America – Are you acting like it?
• Strategies to Grow Conservative Organizations

How young conservatives can succeed in marketing & fundraising

Do's and don’ts of election/advocacy/fundraising laws—you can

   probably do a lot more than you’re doing


It’s the Ballgame, America – Are you acting like it?
   (smaller condensed version – fits in pocket or ladies purse)
It’s the Ballgame, America – Are you acting like it?
   (larger full version – fits in pocket or ladies purse)


Democrat Branding Project
Catholics for God & Life


• Report #1 – Democrats to Catholics – Catholics Not Welcome
• Report #2 – Democrat Policies are Life-Threatening to Seniors
• Report #3 – Charter Schools/School Choice – Winning Issue for GOP
                      to Gain More African American Voters
• Report #4 – Americans Not Safe Under Democrat Rule
• Report #5 – The New Democrats are Anti-Israel
• Report #6 – The Hyde Amendment – If Repealed You’ll pay to kill Babies

•                  The Hyde Amendment –GA Version
• Report #7 – President Trump Fights for Jewish Americans
• Report #8 – Biden/Harris Support Violence
• Report #9 – Democrats are Anti-Police
• Report #10 – Radical Democrats Control DNC

• Report #11 – Seniors face health care rationing under Democrat rule if they win in                            November

• Report #12 – Democrats ban together to deny pro-life Catholics seeking top                                    government jobs

• Report #13 – It's the Ballgame, America - handy pocket-size pamphlet on how the                            New Democrats want to turn America into a one-party socialist                                    dictatorship (two sizes available)

• Report #14 – Full size pamphlet - folds to pocket size

• Report #15 – The New Democrats Want YOU to pay for Abortion

• Report #16 – What’s Coming if the Democrats Win in November
• Report #17 – Joe Biden – The Leader of a Socialist/Marxist Party
• Report #18 – Catholic Voter Alert
• Report #19 – SENIORS! The New Democrat’s MEDICARE-FOR-ALL is Life                                          Threatening

• Report #20 – The Real Kamala Harris

• Report #21 – Forced to support abortion by the Democrats

• Report #23 – Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests Declare Democrat Party as                              Dangerous and Anti-Catholic​

• Report #24 – The Democrats have brought ruin to Portland, Oregon

• Report #26 – Both New Democrat Candidates in Georgia Are a Grave Danger to                              the Safety of You and Your Family

• Report #41– Hyde e-Report

• Report #41– Leadership can be contagious

• E-note – DHS Secretary Mayorkas has to go!

Suggested Reading List

Catholics Breaking for Trump

President Trump, the most Pro-Israel American President ever

Gingrich – Democrat Party is “Pro-Criminal” and “ Anti-Police”


China Virus – FedUp PAC’s use of Direct Target Marketing allows our
   unique 2020 Voter Action materials to reach voters who are home
   wondering what they can do to help re-elect President Trump

Catholics – Democrats to Catholics: Catholics Not Welcome!

Democrats are the Party of Mean, Evil & Violent

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