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4 things to know for October 4 . . .

. . . here’s what you need to know to get up to speed on the New Democrat’s power-hungry, anti-God, violent, socialist/Marxist assault on our liberties for today:

1.  Steve Scalise, McCarthy's Longtime No. 2, Announces Bid for House Speaker

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., on Wednesday announced his intent to run for speaker.

2.  James Biden’s Role In The Biden Access-For-Hire Operation Shows It Was A Family Affair

As the Biden family’s corruption scandals tumble out into the open, corporate media badly want you to think the only story here is about Hunter Biden, a struggling drug addict who may have made some unwise decisions while grieving the loss of his brother.

3.  Nancy Pelosi Evicted From Her Private Office in the Capitol by Interim House Speaker

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was evicted from her private Capitol office by the new speaker pro-tempore.

4.  GOP Lawmakers Rip Hunter Biden's Cozy Relationship With CCP-Linked Businessman: 'Damning Evidence'

House Republicans are sounding the alarm over a former Biden aide's 2017 messages to Hunter Biden regarding his CCP-linked business partner willing to wire Hunter tens of thousands of dollars to help him pay off several bills, according to a new batch of messages released by the House Ways and Means Committee last week.


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