H.R. 1/S. 1:  the Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer Plan to Keep Democrats in Power Forever


           With the New Democrats now in control of both Congress and the White House, FedUp PAC supporters must get busy right now saving America.  Or else the all-out push by the New Democrats to seize total control of our government forever will transform America beyond repair or rescue.

            That’s why our top priority is to defeat radical House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s one-party rule power grab.  Her un-American bill, H.R. 1, already passed the House on March 3rd.  It would rig elections to keep Republicans/conservatives from ever winning control of the White House or Congress again.       

            Now this dangerous legislation is in the Senate, as S. 1.  If passed into law, it would end free and fair elections in America and bring about the end of our current two-party system.

            On his January 26th FOX TV broadcast, Tucker Carlson warned H.R. 1 would “enshrine fraud” in our elections through mail-in voting.      


            Tucker also noted, that both Canada and France have prohibitions on mail-in voting to ensure ballot integrity.  (Here in the United States, ballot integrity is increasingly called into question, especially in the last election.)


Sounding the alarm, Tucker said the bill . . .

 “is the foundation of the Democratic Party’s Strategy to control the federal government well into your grand-children’s middle age.  Take a look at it.”

FedUp PAC’S “Rapid Response” LEADERSHIP ROLE

Nancy Pelosi introduced H.R. 1 on January 4th.  For the two months before the March 3rd vote on H.R. 1, most GOP national leadership was missing in action.  To alert Americans to “take action” against H.R. 1, FedUp PAC took the lead launching national grassroots lobbying campaign that included:


Tucker Carlson, FedUp PAC, and a few others are sounding the alarm on

H.R. 1.

  • more than 500,000 action emails to grassroots conservative activists urging them to pressure Democrat Senators to stop the bill by preserving the Senate filibuster;

  • produced and distributed a hard-hitting two-and-a-half-minute video that highlights over a dozen provisions in H.R. 1/S. 1 that will unconstitutionally federalize elections, give more taxpayer dollars to politicians for their campaigns from which they can draw a salary, and create massive voter fraud;

  • an action plan for voters to contact and visit district/state offices to demand their members of Congress vote down the bill;

  • creating a pocket card to educate voters of the danger, including criminalizing political speech in order to silence conservatives;

  • produced a sample voter e-Letter available on our website www.FedUpPAC.org that conservatives can copy, cut and paste parts, or rewrite to send via email to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others to educate them on ways to demand their members of congress oppose H.R. 1/S. 1;

  • digital ads in six targeted states where Democrat Senators won by slim margins in their last elections and have to worry about a large population of Trump voters;

  • wrote and posted on our website a comprehensive analysis of some of the most dangerous, freedom-violating, unconstitutional provisions found in H.R. 1/S. 1.  It can be downloaded and distributed on our website at www.FedUpPAC.org/defeatHR1.


Once Again, GOP is Missing in Action While the Battle for America Rages


           Fortunately, FedUp PAC is battling H.R. 1/S. 1 because, at best, GOP leadership can only be said to be weak.Speaker Pelosi’s H.R. 1 was introduced in the House of Representatives on January 6th and passed the House two months later on March 3rd.


           Unsurprisingly, the GOP leadership was largely missing in action those two months with only a few scattered objections raised.Only once H.R. 1 passed the House, and it was too late, did the GOP turn up the volume.


           Still, there were few or no alarm bells set off to warn conservatives about the bill, not a plan presented for the grassroots to pressure their legislators to defeat it.But GOP calls for contributions go on as usual.Just makes you want to shake your head in disbelief.


           A close reading of radical House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's nearly 800-page legislation, H.R.1, reveals it would prevent Republicans/conservatives from ever winning another national election.  It's a roadmap to massive voter fraud and an unconstitutional power-grab by the far Left to take Constitutional power away from the states to draw their own congressional districts and conduct their elections.

           That’s why its un-constitutional companion bill, S. 1, must be defeated in the Senate.

           The result of this un-American left-wing power-grab is the end of free and fair elections, transforming America into a one-party socialist/Marxist dictatorship like Venezuela.

           If enacted into law, here are a few of the more dangerous parts of H.R. 1/S. 1 (for a complete list, see the enclosed insert) . . .

  • No identification will be needed to register to vote.

  • Makes it illegal to request a photo ID to vote.                         

  • Requires all states to adopt a California-style Ballot Harvesting program so anyone can collect and drop off ballots at drop boxes or polling stations, even hundreds from nursing homes, apartments, and retirement communities.         

  • No longer requires ballots that are mailed to have signatures checked.             

  • Takes from the states and gives Washington, D.C. politicians (Democrats) the means and methods of how voting can be conducted.

  • Allows felons to vote.

  • Strips the authority of states to remove people from voter rolls, even if they have moved out of state or died.                                                                


Speaker Pelosi Seizes Her Opportunity to Consolidate

Democrat Party Power


           In sum, Pelosi used the current razor-thin Democrat majority to ensure Democrats never again lose control of the White House and Congress by passing H.R. 1.It automatically enrolls likely Democrat donors, enhances Democrat turnout, and weakens ballot integrity, rigging elections to keep Pelosi and her socialist comrades in control forever.


           If H.R. 1/S. 1 becomes law, then starting in 2022, our nation will never again hold a free and fair election.The Marxist Democrats will hold onto power forever just as the Marxists do in Venezuela, Cuba, and in Russia.


ACTION TO TAKE TODAY:  Here’s what you can do as a citizen who values and upholds freedom, fairness, and the Constitution to help stop H.R.1/S. 1:


  • Go to FedUpPAC.org/DefeatHR1 to download talking points to defeat this          power grab in the Senate and get contact information to write or call Democrat  Senate members to let them know you think S.1 is unfair and un-American.


Go to the contact links below, then click on the Member of Congress you  
want to call or visit.  View their District/State offices at the bottom of their        home page.  Often contacting the district office gets more attention due to the lower volume of constituent contacts.

• U.S. House of Representatives Contact Information:


• U.S. Senate Contact Information:


  • Be sure to check FedUp PAC’s website (or the enclosed insert) to see if either of your Senators are among the 10 most vulnerable Democrat Senators, making note in your communication with them that they are at high risk of losing in 2022 if they draw their constituent’s ire.

  • If one or both of your U.S. Senators are Republican, urge they take an active     leadership role in defeating this unfair, un-American law.


* If your member is a Senate Democrat, here’s a sample phone script you can use                when calling to oppose S. 1:

“As a constituent, I want you to know I am against the unfair and un-American Senate bill S. 1, which would rig elections in favor of one political party as in Marxist Venezuela.It would end to free and fair elections in America, usurping the Constitutional right of states to run their own elections.This unconstitutional power-grab ought to be called the ‘For the Marxist Democrats Act.’I urge you to vote against it.”

  • Visit FedUpPAC.org regularly for more information and materials (such as          videos and sample e-letters to forward to family and friends) on how you can     educate voters about the Democrats’ unfair, un-American power-grab.


  • Go to www.FedUpPAC.org/Donate to make a gift to help FedUp PAC provide      the leadership that’s needed for a groundswell of support to flood every Democrat      in Congress with phone calls, post cards, and e-mail messages all demanding they  oppose this unfair, un-American power-grab


          The radical Left transformed the Democratic Party of President JFK into the anti-God, violent, open borders, elitist, socialist/ Marxists party it is today.  JFK was a tax-cutting capitalist and a patriot, not a socialist.  He boldly challenged Communism in a speech at the Berlin Wall and stood firm against the Soviet Union to defend America in the Cuban Missile Crisis.  He identified himself as a Catholic, not an anti-God politician.

            Today, he wouldn’t even recognize the socialist/Marxist Democrat party.

            Never before in America have socialists/Marxists controlled the White House and the U.S. Congress.  A sharply divided America has entered into a cold Civil War. 


Tucker Carlson, FedUp PAC, and a few others are sounding the alarm on

H.R. 1.

           On one side are you and I who support our Constitutional freedoms.  One the other are the New Democrats, out to remake America into an authoritarian state run by a ruling elite who will tell us what healthcare we can have, how our children should be educated (indoctrinated) and what is permissible speech.                                                                ​


You and I believe America is the greatest nation in the world, and its ideals of liberty and justice for all are worth nurturing and defending.  Is socialism/Marxism in America our legacy to our children and grandchildren?  Or will we fight so they inherit the free land of opportunity we inherited from our parents and grandparents?

One Million Conservative Activists Strong Cannot Be Silenced

            The answer depends on what you, I and our fellow conservatives do NOW.  We must immediately begin the battle to retake Congress in 2022.  That means adding conservative activists to our ranks and countering the establishment media’s lies that pass for news.   If we broaden our ranks to one million or more conservative activists, each contacting their own social networks, FedUp PAC will help lead the comeback charge.

            In 2020, your FedUp PAC and its local conservative partners proved we could bypass the Left-wing media establishment to directly connect conservative messages to voters.  The FedUp PAC campaign tools included:

  • hard-hitting internet videos targeted to specific audiences, such as Democrats Betray Suburban Women on Safety by Supporting Violence;


  • e-Reports: such as SENIORS! The New Democrat’s

MEDICARE-FOR-ALL is Life Threatening;


  • portable pocket BRANDING cards: for example, Open Borders - Democrats Open the Border to Increase Democrat Voters. 


Only FedUp PAC offered grassroots conservatives the voter education tool of pocket BRANDING cards to hand out in their neighborhoods to help BRAND the New Democrats as anti-God, violent, open borders, elitist, socialist/Marxists;


  • sample voter e-Letters to copy, cut-and-paste, rewrite, or personalize, then forward to family, friends, neighbors, and others.  Samples include e-letters to Young American Voters as well as Latin American Family & Friends. 


FedUp PAC’s unique educational tool of using sample e-Letters for  voter outreach helped to engage many voters who didn’t know how to help save America;


  • digital ads: tailored messages to targeted voting groups, getting the right information into the hands of the right voter;


  • Richard Viguerie strategy memos: sharing his five decades of marketing experience and political expertise, including his pre-election prediction warning that if they won, the radical New Democrats would try to rig election law and grant citizenship and the right to vote to 15 million illegal aliens to keep conservatives from ever winning Congress and the White House again.


           The 2020 elections proved beyond any doubt that we conservatives no longer have to stand by in frustration as the national political party disappoints yet again with their issue-free, top-down campaigning and lack of energy as they cower in fear before the hostile mainstream media. 

          Honest, objective journalism died years ago.  There is no even-handed presentation of the facts with opinions kept on the editorial page.  Now the press sees itself as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, spewing the party line, rather than a neutral reporter of the news.  Opinions are expressed as facts.  And the news is slanted by omission of anything that conflicts with the Democrat Party narrative.

           So far, most of the establishment GOP have not stood up
against the far-Left transformation of America.  Tragically, too often the GOP establishment is cowed.  It lacks the backbone to stand up to the media and militant far Left. 


           You’ve seen their lack of backbone.  Typically, they use their donor’s generous contributions to pay over-priced consultants to run content-free campaigns with ineffective TV and radio ads.   


           So, you and I will now step up today to fill the leadership gap left by establishment GOP. 

           During the 2020 elections, FedUp PAC gave grassroots conservatives the (videos, pocket voter guides, sample e-letters, etc.) to spread the conservative message and bypass the biased mainstream media.The result:


  • FedUp PAC’s 16 internet videos were viewed by over 1,400,000 people in the months leading up to the election. 


  • FedUp PAC’s 18 digital ads reached 2.5 million targeted eligible voters. 


  • FedUp PAC’s website had 60 thousand views in the two months running up to November 3rd.


            To our knowledge, no other conservative political action committee empowered grassroots conservatives with hard-hitting campaign tools on its website to BRAND the New Democrats as anti-God, violent, open borders, elitist, socialist/Marxists.

           Today, the Marxist transformation of America is shifted into overdrive.  Radical House Speaker Pelosi’s H.R. 1 already passed the House on March 3rd, shifting the battle to stop it to the Senate.  And Joe Biden’s “America last” agenda has already eliminated thousands of jobs by cutting off the Keystone Pipeline for unreliable windmill-generated electricity, allowed biological men to compete in women’s sports, and opened our southern border to unrestricted illegal immigration.    


           That’s why we must do all we can between now and the 2022 congressional elections to fight their agenda and win back Congress. 



Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s H.R. 1 bill would rig elections to keep Republicans/conservatives from ever winning control of the White House or Congress again.

           Just think of the impact you and I could have this year in 2021 if even 1% of the 75,000,000 Americans who voted to re-elect President Trump joined us, using their cell phones and computers to send FedUp PAC video links or sample voter e-Letters to their social networks.  That’s three quarters of a million Americans spreading the conservative message and organizing opposition. 

           Now THAT would be a political force to be reckoned with.  Even the coronavirus can’t stop FedUp PAC’s grassroots Conservative Paul Revere (CPR) Riders!

            With the Biden Administration starting its transformation of America into a socialist/Marxist country, you and I must get busy right now saving America.  Drawing on our experience gained in the 2020 elections, our army of conservative Paul Revere (CPR) Riders is the solution to pass on to our children and grandchildren the free nation we inherited.

Again, I ask:  Is socialism/Marxism in America our legacy to our children and grandchildren?  Or will they inherit the free land of opportunity we inherited from our parents and grandparents?  To ensure the latter, let’s you and I roll up our sleeves and get busy.




            The Senate filibuster is a long-standing procedural tactic dating back to the early 1800s.It allows one or more senators to slow consideration of a bill or nomination by continuing debate, ensuring minority views were heard, and protecting the minority from majority attempts to ram through legislation only they favor.It also encourages majority compromise with the minority.


            Democrats want to do away with the Senate filibuster so that a simple majority of 51 Democrats (currently the 50 Senate Democrats with Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie breaker) can ram through any legislation they desire, including S.1, the Senate’s companion bill to House Speaker Pelosi’s H.R. 1.Republicans kept the filibuster when they were running the Senate out of fairness to the Democrats who were in the minority.


           But at the start of the new Congress 2021, Senate Majority Leader Schumer didn’t intend to return the favor.Under pressure from the far Left that expects no delay in implementing their radical social/Marxist agenda, Schumer tried to end the filibuster.


           Unfortunately for Senator Schumer, fellow Democrats, West Virginia's Joe Manchin and Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema, refused to go along with his plans to end the filibuster -- for now.  It is not hard to figure out why they turned down Schumer.


           Senator Manchin is from a state that President Trump carried handily.Senator Sinema is from a state where Republicans control both chambers of the state legislature and the governorship.Both Senators watch their steps so as not to alienate their constituents.


ACTION TO TAKE:FedUp PAC supporters must be ready to swing into action to counter any Left-wing pressure on these two Democrats to end the filibuster.  Please monitor the www.FedUpPAC.org website for action steps to take should these two Democrats start to waver. 


Losing the Senate filibuster would mean conservatives would have no way to stop the New Democrats from totally transforming America with their socialist/Marxist agenda, starting with H.R. 1/S. 1.


FedUp PAC wasted little time in gearing up an effort to pressure Senators Manchin and Sinema to not cave into the New Democrats call to scrap the Senate filibuster.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV)

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ)


Stop PELOSI’S D.C. Statehood Power-Grab

           In a brazen Left-wing power grab, Speaker Pelosi intends to make reliably Democrat-voting Washington, D.C. a state in violation of the Constitution in order to add two U.S. Senators and a voting member of Congress to the Democrat side.The Constitution intentionally set up D.C. to be a federal district, not a 68-square-mile city state with two U.S. Senators.


           Granting D.C. statehood would make it easier for Democrats to keep control of the U.S. Senate for generations to come.It also makes it easier for them to enact their radical agenda, such as packing the U.S. Supreme Court.


          Worse, it would encourage them to then make Democrat-voting Puerto Rico a state, too, further solidifying their hold on the Senate and making the United States a de facto bilingual nation, dividing Americans along language lines just like our Canadian neighbor to the North.


          No matter where we are from originally, one of the ties that bind us Americans is our common language, English.Unlike nations with a universal ethnicity, religion, or culture, our common language is one of the keys to making us the States of America.

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