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Instructions: Type your name on the line above to add your electronic signature to this nationwide petition drive of concerned and patriotic Americans who support fair play and free elections that are conducted with integrity.  FedUp PAC will deliver the petition signatures we collect all at once for maximum effect so that FedUp PAC may properly target the two U.S. Senators from your state.

“Vote NO on S.1 to Stop the Democrats’ Power Grab!”

Whereas, I am deeply troubled by — and I strongly oppose — legislation now before Congress that is ironically called the “For the People Act” but should actually be called the “For the Democrats Act,” because it would destroy election integrity in the United States by unfairly rigging elections in favor of the Democrat Party;

Whereas, This legislation has already been approved by the U.S. House of Representatives as Bill Number H.R. 1 and is now before the U.S. Senate as Bill Number S.1, which, if approved by the Senate, would send this bill to President Biden for his signature to enact it into law;

Whereas, If it becomes law, S.1 will impose California-style one-party election laws on all 50 states, federalize all elections, do away with commonsense voter ID requirements, and allow nationwide ballot trafficking;


Whereas, S.1 is nothing more than a complete and total power grab that enshrines fraud to a degree that Republicans/conservatives would never again win a national election and Democrats would never again lose power; and

Whereas, S.1 will allow far-Left Democrats to transform America into a one-party Socialist/Marxist state and destroy the strong, proud, and free America that I know and love; now, therefore, be it

Therefore, That I call upon the United States Senate to defeat S.1, and I specifically call upon the two Senators from my state to oppose, speak out against, and vote NO on S.1 if and when this unfair, radical, dangerous, and anti-American legislation comes to a vote.





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