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Conservatives fighting over Florida action against Disney is OK

America is indeed in a cultural and spiritual cold civil war, and the Left has not merely

abandoned the Constitution, they have burned it. Leftists don’t want our Constitution. Constitutional conservatives want to follow the Constitution, and still cheer on Florida. The feeling is, let’s give the Left a taste of not having the Constitution and the impartial rule of law over government that they so despise. This argument concerning Disney is healthy.

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The Powers in control now, are murderous thugs. They abandon Americans in Afghanistan to

murderous terrorists, & leave $85 Billion in weapons and more. The very people that hate us

and want to destroy America as we know it. They want to legalize killing babies after being

born. Killing them just before delivery wasn't enough.

And this is not all, the people in power have done so much more, that is causing the deaths

of thousands of Americans and destroying our country. By leaving the boarder open, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from just the drugs alone, brought in illegally. Power and Greed seem to take only consideration these people have.

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