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When you sign up to be a volunteer Conservative

Paul Revere (CPR) Rider:

    •  There’s no obligation – it’s free – no cost to you ever
        – and you can drop out at any time.

    •  And many free items at our website,,    


    •  Two free Trump/Pence Bumper Stickers.

    •  Four free Pamphlets titled, It’s the Ballgame – Are You       

        Acting Like It?
    •  Free New Insider Memo from Richard Viguerie on the one

        thing conservatives must do to win this election. If it’s not

        done, Democrats are almost certain to win.
    •  And you’ll periodically get “Action” e-mails giving you

       information and educational items that you can forward to   

       others, handout, etc. to help you educate family, friends,

       neighbors, and others.

*Needed to mail you your two free bumper stickers and four pamphlets titled, It’s the Ballgame America – Are You Acting Like It?, and Mr. Viguerie’s New Insider Memo on the one thing conservatives must do to win this election.

America as a constitutional republic hangs in the balance this November.  Do much more than vote – use our educational material that could lead to hundreds more votes for President Trump and stop the violent, anti-American Democrats from turning America into a one-party, socialist/Marxist dictatorship.

Thanks for submitting!

Or print out and mail to: Richard A. Viguerie


                                             FedUp PAC
                                             P.O. Box 1370
                                             Manassas, VA  20108

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