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National Survey "For Conservatives Only"

I’ll be sending the results to Republican leaders as well as some 5,000 national conservative leaders to help inform them how grassroots conservatives feel about Republican leadership and their plans for America’s future.

Question #1:  Do you believe the new House Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy will aggressively push forward a President Trump-style America First agenda?

Question #2: Do you have confidence in the current establishment Republican leaders and their consultants to run strong conservative issue campaigns against Joe Biden and other radical Democrats?

Question #3: As a general rule, are you hesitant to share your political views when political pollsters call?

Question #4: If undecided voters are properly educated that Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress favor replacing freedom with socialism, do you think this would influence them to vote for a Republican President?

Question #5: How do you feel about most establishment Republican leaders’ failure to denounce the use of the federal government to harass and attack former President Donald Trump?

Question #6: Would you be willing to help FedUp PAC create an army of 5,000,000 Conservative Paul Revere (CPR) Riders to help educate 100,000,000 voters, especially in key Battleground States, with a donation?

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