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These 6 Election Law Changes
Would Help Reduce Voter Fraud:

  1. Stop Same Day Registration & Voting – Require legal residence to be registered to vote 30 days prior to election day to allow election officials proper time to verify eligibility.

  2. End Early Voting – Outlaw voting six weeks before election day.  Require in-person voting at designated poll locations on election day unless requesting an absentee ballot.

  3. No ID – No Voting – Require government issued ID with picture and address that matches voter registration card.

  4. Terminate Ballot Mass Mailings – Mail-In and Absentee ballots sent to voters by written request only after voter registration card verification. 

  5. Outlaw Ballot Harvesting – Make it illegal to pick up and deliver/drop off/mail unsealed ballots cast by other voters.

  6. Ban Centralized Ballot Counting – All ballots are counted/tallied in the district/precinct in which they were cast.  No boxing up ballots to be carried to central counting or tallying centers.


To many of us the Democrats rigged the 2020 and 2022 elections.  Clearly, their idea of election reform is to change election laws so their party wins.  That’s why FedUp PAC has created this plan to fight Democrat’s legalization of voter fraud, and why your action today can help restore free and fair elections.


GRASSROOTS ACTION YOU CAN DO:  Go to the FedUp PAC website at and click on the pulldown menu item “More” (top right) and hit the “Election Reform” tab.  When the tab opens you will see a set of instructions and a sample of the FedUp PAC Election Reform 6-Point Plan.

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