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2024 Conservative Voter Election Fraud Survey

Funding provided, your results along with other conservatives from around the country will be send to some 5,000 conservative leaders, Members of Congress, and select media outlets, bloggers, and podcasters to let them know how serious conservative voters feel about combating voter froud to help restore free and fair elections.

1.) In your opinion, how likely is it that the Republican Party will launch an effective program to outlaw drop boxes and ballot harvesting?
2.) Are you in favor of the GOP harvesting ballots in states where we cannot outlaw the practice?
3.) If you receive pre-printed postcards addressed to your Republican state legislators urging them to support and pass tough voter ID laws, would you mail them in?
4.) Were you aware President Biden signed an Executive Order that allows federal employees, most of whom are Democrats, to use taxpayer money and take time off to register voters?
5.) Would you be interested in receiving free and regular voter education materials via email that you can forward to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow churchgoers, and others that BRAND Democrat candidates as anti-God, anti-police, corrupt, open border zealots, mean, evil, violent, anti-American socialists/Marxists in order to help elect GOP/conservative candidates?
6.) In your opinion, how big of a role do you think 5,000,000 conservative Paul Revere-like activists educating 150,000,000 voters will be in bringing about a big GOP/conservative victory in 2024?
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