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Republican Voters Want ‘Blood’—Will Their Leaders Deliver?

Sternly worded letters and empty promises won’t do the trick. After a much-hyped Durham

probe ends with a whimper, House Democrats ratchet up their public pursuit of Trump associates, and the Biden DOJ continues to arrest Capitol trespassers and seek lengthy jail sentences for minor offenses, the base’s appetite for political blood will only increase. GOP leaders will need a cutthroat approach if they retake power next year.

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I'm VERY disappointed in Durham, but not surprised. McCarthy & Mitchel have proven them-

selves to be loyal ONLY to their Pocket Book, Power, and whatever else their position allows

them to profit from. Much of the time to the detriment of the County, and the People, and they could care less...I believe they have sold us out to the highest bidder, along with most

of the Democrat Party, and many of the Republicans. President Trump, and those that Love

America and our Republic have been our only hope for Freedom and Justice for ALL.

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