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Help educate voters to win back Congress in 2022

This 2023 budget will hit the middle-class and lower income Americans hard with hidden tax hikes, like new taxes on the oil and gas industries that will raise prices at the pump as well as heating and cooling energy hikes.

Here are a few gems we’ve uncovered already:

  • $9.9 Billion for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to keep the fears of COVID alive for future lockdowns.

  • $3.3 Billion to fund Green-New-Deal programs.

  • $1.7 Billion for a Department of Justice Task Force to monitor gun ownership and sales.

  • ​11 new tax increases on the oil and gas industries.

  • ​Raising the top income tax rate to 39.6 percent.

  • ​Doubling the Capital Gains tax to 40.8 percent.

  • ​Modifying the income and gift rules that will force families to sell long-held farms and ranches because taxes would be too high to pass down to children or other family members.

  • ​Allowing the federal government to decide if charitable gifts are legitimate and imposing heavy fines if they disapprove of individual non-profit giving.

​More research needs to be done, so come back often for updates.  

With a generous donation from you, FedUp PAC can accelerate its programs to win back Congress in November.​

Special FedUp PAC e-Reports

These Special Reports are a combination of FedUp PAC reports and BRANDING Cards combined into detailed voter action educational material ready to print out or e-mail to family, friends, neighbors, and others to quickly get the word out about the socialist/Marxists agenda of the New Democrats. 

What’s Coming if the Democrats Win in November
Joe Biden – The Leader of a Socialist/Marxist Party
Catholic Voter Alert
SENIORS! The New Democrat’s MEDICARE-FOR-ALL is Life Threatening


July 13, 2020 

FedUp PAC Staff

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If the Democrats win this year’s Presidential election and the Congress, Republicans will never again win the Presidency or control Congress. And by December of next year, the Supreme Court will be permanently in the control of the far Left, and the America we’ve known all our lives will be gone forever. Liberals realize they made mistakes in...

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