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National Poll: What’s the most important issue in America for Republican presidential candidates to address?

It’s important that GOP Presidential candidates hear from grassroots conservatives, not just the elite big-money crowd that advises GOP candidates to avoid BRANDING Democrat candidates as extremists on abortion, crime, and border security.


Please take the poll and submit your answers.  I’ll post the results on our website,  In addition, I’ll send the results to all of the Republican presidential candidates, as well as thousands of national, state, and local media, including newspapers, magazines, newsletters, TV, radio, bloggers, podcasters, and major social media users.

1. Do you agree with me that the SPIRITUAL CIVIL WAR launched by the Democrats to destroy the traditional Judeo-Christian moral values America was founded on is THE MOST IMPORTANT issue facing America in this upcoming presidential election?

2. Please identify three key issues you think FedUp PAC should focus on to win over voters in the 2024 elections.
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