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Join FedUp PAC Today!

Our oath to you is that as an organization we will never waiver from our beliefs, and will always stand for what we believe.  We will be steadfast in our loyalty to God and country.  No matter how hard the opposition comes against us we will continue to fright and press on to advance the rights of Christians in our great country. 

Membership Fees:



We only ask that you consider a donation now and again to help us further our message to others as we furnish our members with ammunition to benefit our beliefs and our great county. 

Joining FedUp PAC will help fuel and push forward the conservative movment in ways such as:

  • Send Ready-to-send emails to your family, friends, neighbors to help send Conservative candidates to DC. 


  • Access to the Catholic for God and Life video library to share on social media and in your congregations. 

  • Handy pocket cards to help you brand the Democrats as mean, evil, violent, Anti-God Socialists/Marxists.

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