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FedUp PAC’s
Election Reform 6-Point Plan

     Many conservatives and independent voters are concerned that voter fraud is so widespread that recent election results have many believing that America may soon become a country controlled by one political party.
    Here are six election law reforms that if adopted will address about 85% of the areas where voter fraud occurs.

These 6 Election Law Changes
Would Help Reduce Voter Fraud:
  1. Stop Same Day Registration & Voting – Require legal residence to be registered to vote 30 days prior to election day to allow election officials proper time for eligibility verification.

  2. End Early Voting – Outlaw voting six weeks before election day.  Require in-person voting at designated poll locations on election day unless requesting an absentee ballot.

  3. No ID – No Voting – Require government issued ID with picture and address that matches voter registration card.

  4. Terminate Ballot Mass Mailings – Mail-In and Absentee ballots sent to voters by written request only after voter registration card verification. 

  5. Outlaw Ballot Harvesting – Make it illegal to pick up and deliver/drop off/mail unsealed ballots that are cast by other voters.

  6. Ban Centralized Ballot Counting – All ballots are counted/tallied in the district/precinct in which they were cast.  No boxing up ballots to be carried to central counting or tallying centers. 

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