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Grassroots Conservative Activist
Survey on Election Integrity

Big Corporate Media and other Democrat institutions claimed the 2020 and 2022 midterms elections were the best-run in history. In reality, they were a mess. Big Tech and the Big Media ran coordinated disinformation campaigns to benefit Democrats by suppressing news that hurt conservatives and Republicans. Big Tech also deplatformed many conservative voices and media outlets, even suppressing fundraising emails from conservatives/Republicans.

There were other problems too. Candidate debates in key swing states and districts occurred long after mail-in and early balloting began. Poll observers were sidelined under the guise of a Covid “emergency.” The counting of ballots cast via unsupervised, mail-in voting resulted in curious and confusing results. And in many elections, it took days and sometimes weeks to find out how many ballots were actually cast, much less for whom. 

Your answers will help finalize FedUp PAC’s 2024 Election Integrity Project.  Results will be shared with you and other grassroots conservatives, national conservative leaders, and select media as funding provides.

1.) Do you have full confidence in the administration of national elections?
2.) Should mail-in ballots be counted after election day?
3.) Should voting tabulation machines be scrapped and a return to a public hand counting of the votes cast?
4.) Do you believe cheating affected the outcomes of the 2020 and 2022 midterm elections?
5.) Do you believe current Republican leaders have a grip on election integrity measures to assure the 2024 elections are fair and honest?
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