A FedUp PAC Voter Education Project:

To Stop the For the People Act (H.R. 1/S. 1), Joe Biden’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Chuck Schumer’s, and the New Democrats’ Power-Grab Bill to Create a One-Party Dictatorship.


Use the talking points below to contact your Congressmen and Senators today and demand they oppose the For the People Act on every vote.


In the U.S. House of Representatives the For the People Act is legislation known as H.R. 1.  In the U.S. Senate, the bill is identified as S. 1.


If your Congressman and Senators are Democrats, let them know you WILL hold them accountable for their votes on this naked power grab.


If your Congressman and Senators are Republicans, urge them to take an active role in committee and on the floor of Congress to oppose this unfair un-American law.


After you’ve contacted your Representative and Senators, download, forward, copy, and print out this page.   Give it to your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to educate and mobilize them against this unfair un-American Democrat Power Grab.


For the People Act: The New Democrats’ Power-Grab to Turn  
                                       America into a One-Party Dictatorship


Americans have always been about fairness.

Yet, the first bill Nancy Pelosi proposes in 2021 is H.R. 1.  This Pelosi One-Party Dictatorship Bill is nothing less than an anti-fairness un-American power-grab.

If passed, H.R.1 would stack the deck for the foreseeable future in favor of the radical New Democrats.  They would be able to keep total control of all three branches of our government forever.

Just a quick look at H.R.1 and S. 1 reveals how this un-American power-grab Nancy Pelosi and the New Democrats unanimously support would nationalize elections and prevent states from making decisions on their own elections, a direct violation of the Constitution.

Here are some of the more dangerous provisions of the For the People Act:

  • Do away with all forms of government photo ID to vote,

  • Expand ballet harvesting – allowing political operatives to collect unsealed ballots from nearly anywhere (nursing homes, retirement communities, apartment complexes, or wherever), then fill them out however they like and drop them off at ballot drop boxes.

  • Require every state to register voters based on names in state and
    federal databases.  Legal citizen or not, anyone who receives
    food stamps, interacts with a state DMV, or receives any state or
    federal assistance will be automatically registered,

  • Mandate same-day and online voter registration in EVERY state, even up to when the polls close,

  • Further expand mail-in ballots and early voting and eliminating rules requiring witness signatures and signature verification,

  • Line the pockets of entrenched career Democrat politicians with more taxpayer money.  A provision in the bill would match six times a political donation with taxpayer money.  This would, in effect, create a new tax to finance politician’s re-election campaigns.

  • Severely restrict a state’s ability to ever remove anyone from the voter rolls, even if they are dead or moved away,

  • Limit states’ ability to set their own election laws, filing deadlines, and rules for voting, nationalizing every election,

  • Strip the state legislatures in all 50 states of their ability to draw their own congressional districts,

  • Prevent states from participating in programs that compare state voter registration list to detect individuals registered in multiple states.  It would keep states from removing many ineligible voters from their voter rolls,

  • Takes redistricting out of the control of state legislatures,

  • Force charities and groups involved in lobbying to publicly disclose the names, addresses and other information of all $10,000 and up donors, leaving them open to the doxing and even violent attacks like we’ve already seen,

  • Require the heads of all organizations to personally approve messages and include a list of top donors,

  • Restructure the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to give Democrats control,

  • Set new disclosure and reporting requirements on all ads placed on online platforms, designed to stop ads they disagree with.

  • H.R. 1 would also grant Washington, D.C. statehood.

The For the People Act is not free. H.R. 1 is not fair.  It’s un-American. 

In short, the main goal of H.R. 1 is to use the existing narrow Democrat majority to immediately consolidate and expand their power so they never lose control of the federal government.

This law will be used as a weapon to punish the more than 75 million Americans who disagree with the New Democrats’ radical, mean, and evil agenda.

If passed into law, H.R.1 will limit and severely restrict any political opposition to a one-party dictatorship.  

Any lawmaker who votes for this bill is in clear violation of their oath of office.  This act, called “For the People” is not “For the People.”  It’s for the New Democrats.

It will crush all critical speech and keep them in power forever.

We must create a firestorm of support against this proposed law and at every turn hound the Democrats to oppose it or face voter outrage on election day.

Here’s what you can do as a citizen who values and upholds freedom, fairness, and the Constitution to help stop the For the People Act from becoming a law:

         • Forward this video to family, friends, neighbors, everyone you
            know, any way you can to explain that if tis law passes America
            will become a one-party Democrat dictatorship. 

            And urge they ask their family, friends, and others to forward this
            video as well, including going to townhall meetings, political
            debates, and visit or call district, state, and Washington D.C. offices
            to confront Democrat politicians to demand they stand with fairness
            and oppose For the People Act from becoming a law.

         • If your members of Congress are Republican, urge they take an
            active leadership role in defeating this unfair, un-American law.

         • Visit FedUpPAC.org regularly for more information and materials
            on how you can educate voters about the Democrats’ unfair, un-
            American power-grab.

            Go to FedUpPAC.org/DefeatHR1 to download talking points and get
            contact information to write or call Democrat House and Senate
            members to let them know you think H.R.1 and S.1 are unfair and

          • Be sure to post this video on your Facebook page and your Twitter
             account to help educate more Americans.

          • Go to www.FedUpPAC.org/Donate to make a gift to help FedUp
             PAC provide the leadership that’s needed for a ground swell of
             support to flood every Democrat in Congress with phone calls, post
             cards, and e-mail messages all demanding they oppose this unfair,
             un-American power-grab.

A free and fair America depends on you.  Please Act Today!

*NOTE: Contacting and visiting Democrat House & Senate Members at their District/State offices will have a greater impact than just urging they oppose the For the People Act at their Washington D.C. office.


Click on the contact links below, then click on the Member of Congress you want to call or visit.  View their District/State offices at the bottom of their Home Page.

  Backup Research & Contact Information for Members of Congress:
   • https://www.wsj.com/articles/pelosis-top-priority-consolidating-power-11610667245
   • https://www.freedomworks.org/content/oppose-so-called-“-people-act”-hr-1

   • https://thefederalistpapers.org/us/democrat-held-senate-unveils-

   • https://townhall.com/columnists/christalgo/2021/01/28/pelosis-

   • 45 Vulnerable House Democrats List

   • 10 Vulnerable Senate Democrats List

   • U.S. House of Representatives Contact Information:​                   .....https://www.house.gov/representatives

   • U.S. Senate Contact Information: https://contactsenators.com/


Sample Phone Script to use when calling House and Senate Democrats to urge they oppose the For the People Act:

"American soldiers have died for our freedom, democracy, and sense of fairness, not for a one-party dictatorship!  Although you’re a Democrat, this is one time to put country ahead of party.  If you vote for the For the People Act, this unfair and un-American law, I promise I will vote against you in your next election – and I’ll urge and all my pro-fairness pro-American friends to vote the same."

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