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PETITION to Defeat Califf Nomination
for FDA Commissioner

Dear Senator:


Robert Califf, Joe Biden’s nominee for FDA Commissioner, is a radical extremist who is unworthy of the post. His track record demonstrates a fundamental disregard for the unborn and women’s health. As FDA Commissioner under Obama, Cardiff:

  • Weakened safety standards of the FDA’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation System (REMS) regarding dangerous abortion pills.

  • Authorized home administration of dangerous abortion pills which cause complications four times higher than surgical abortion, and a death risk ten times higher.

  • Authorized this do-it-yourself home abortion without medical supervision up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Suppressed voluminous records of adverse reactions to abortion pills.

  • Ignored bipartisan congressional demands granting access to adverse reaction reports.

  • Ignored science in pursuit of his extremist, pro-abortion political agenda.

Cardiff has major conflicts of interest as a multi-million-dollar investor in numerous pharmaceutical companies. And it should come as no surprise that Communist China is a major manufacturer of the abortion pill.

Students for Life describes the risks of infection, surgery, infertility, depression, horrifying pain, and even death for both mother and child from these dangerous drugs.

The FDA is now even allowing death-by-mail, online mail-order  sales which Cardiff will continue to promote.

Cardiff has a proven track record of disregard for women’s health in pursuit of his radical, pro-abortion agenda—one of the ugliest fronts in the radical Left’s War on Women.  His nomination must be defeated!



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