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Your answers, along with other patriotic common-sense Americans, will be tallied and sent to your Members of Congress and select national media outlets.

Please sign and include your Zip Code to have your answers delivered to your Members of Congress.


Question One:  In 2020 Vice President Kamala Harris said “. . . riots should continue.”  Do you:

Question Two:  Many Democrats feel we spent too much on law enforcement.  Do you:

Question Three:  Numerous Democrats feel we need to replace many police officers with social workers.  Do you:

Question Four:  Do you feel that the messages Democrats are sending about crime and safety contributes to the rising crime rate and murder rate?

Question Five:  Many Democrats support emptying our prisons, even allowing violent felons to go free, and some district attorneys are actually refusing to enforce the law.  Vice President Kamala Harris promoted a fund providing bail money to BLM protesters that allowed violent criminals, a rapist, and a murderer to go free.  If Harris were to become President, do you agree she would support this policy even further?

Question Six:  Police killings increased 59 percent between 2020 and 2021, including a record increase in ambush and unprovoked attacks.  Do you agree Democrat “Defund the Police” policies have encouraged this attitude in our society?

Question Seven:  This growing national crime wave disproportionality affects inner-city minority neighborhoods.  Do you agree that most minorities are opposed to defunding the police?

Question Eight:  Do you agree that if the Democrats take control of your police force by nationalizing local police departments, that your neighborhood would soon fall victim to looters and rioters?


Crime Survey

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