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REMEMBER:  There are no “right” or “wrong” answers.  Please answer all survey questions to the best of your ability and knowledge, even if you are uncertain or undecided.  FedUp PAC will tabulate the results and hopes to put its plan into action with your participation.


Only with nationwide participation from conservatives like you can FedUp PAC build a grassroots army of TWO MILLION Conservative Paul Revere Riders (or “CPR Riders” for short) and connect them with the One Hundred Million Americans the CPR Riders will educate and persuade.  So, at the end of the survey, please be sure to indicate your willingness to sign up as a CPR Rider, to help FedUp PAC finish building the grassroots army that will SMASH through Big Tech/Big Media to SMASH the Left and save America.



QUESTION 1 Do you believe it’s still possible to stop — and then reverse — America’s slide into Socialism, or is it too late?

QUESTION 2 Which of the following best describes your level of personal involvement in saving America from the Socialist Left?

QUESTION 3 To help FedUp PAC better understand which grassroots activities are likely to be most appealing to our CPR Riders, please mark the appropriate column next to each of the following grassroots activities, to indicate your own current level of participation or interest as a grassroots conservative.

Grassroots Activities That FedUp PAC May Ask Its Riders to Do: 

“Like” / upvote our social media posts
Post our materials on your social media
Forward our emails to your contacts
Talk to your family & friends about politics
Write to my elected representatives
Phone my elected representatives
Visit my elected representatives’ offices
Attend a public meeting or event
Organize / lead a public program

QUESTION 4 Check which one closely matches your level of personal enthusiasm for FedUp PAC’s plan to bypass Big Tech and the biased, fake “mainstream” news media using TWO MILLION “CPR Riders” to persuade and educate ONE HUNDRED MILLION of our fellow Americans to stop the Socialist-Democrat Left from destroying America.

Choose one

QUESTION 5 Do you agree that FedUp PAC should take the lead in organizing conservatives like you, since the necessary leadership is not coming from the Republican Party or any of the large, national conservative groups?

Choose one

QUESTION 6 Do you believe FedUp PAC’s plan to SMASH through Big Tech/Big Media to bypass the Left and save America is sound and likely to be successful if conservative activists like you will commit to participating as CPR Riders?

Choose one

QUESTION 7 Are you willing to join forces with FedUp PAC and its grassroots army of TWO MILLION Conservative Paul Revere Riders (or “CPR Riders”), who will educate and persuade One Hundred Million of our fellow Americans over the next two years to reject the socialist-Democrat Left and save America by supporting conservative candidates and policies?

Choose one

* NOTE:  If you answered YES to Question 7, above, you’re exactly the kind of person FedUp PAC is seeking to become a CPR Rider — congratulations!  Please provide your e-mail address and phone number where FedUp PAC can contact you with more information:


2021 Conservative Activist Survey

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